Wedding Photos Slideshow

Most of you have already seen the blog post of the photos from our wedding, but now we have a slide show with even more photos of the day!

Click here to visit the website of Shannon Leith Photography and view our wedding slide show.

Shannon is just awesome and I am so excited to get all of our photos soon so I can start working on designing our album!


Becoming a Julius

It was a day I had dreamed of and planned for since I was a little girl. Every detail had been carefully thought out from menus to the 16-page programs to the bells and favors on the tables.

However, God had to remind me that He was the one in control and that this day was about John and I getting married, not about the decorations and details.

All of last week was hot – REALLY hot. Temperatures were over 100 degrees and we were beginning to fear that our wedding day would be unbearably hot, even for Palos Verdes. We were elated once we started looking at the forecast for the day – low 70’s…PERFECT! Then, as it started to near the end of the week, the predicted temperature began to drop. It was only going to be 63! We frantically searched on Saturday afternoon for outdoor heaters so our guests didn’t freeze, and purchased 5 to use.

BUT, we didn’t even think that the wind might be a factor. It wasn’t just a slight breeze. There were some pretty forceful gusts to the point that all we could do for our reception tables was put the table cloths on and hold them down with 12-pack cases of soda we had planned to use for drinks during dinner. I’m still not sure how our guests got all the stuff we had were going to set on the tables, but they had it all when John and I entered the reception (probably thanks to Lindsey)!

The wind also wreaked havoc on the ceremony site. The silk flowers my bridesmaids sprinkled on down the aisle were all but gone by the time I walked down the aisle, though I didn’t really notice until the very end of the ceremony. The wind also knocked over John’s vase with the sand in it. Fortunately, there was still enough sand that we were able to do the actual ceremony, though we’ll have to add more sand later.

So, with all that said, I look back on the day and, while I am still slightly disappointed at the hard work I put into the table settings that weren’t really used, I had a blast and I’m now, proudly, Mrs. Katie Julius!