Our First Christmas Tree

Our Christmas this year (our first Christmas married) started off a bit rocky. I had wanted a fake tree – much easier to deal with than a real tree – but the cost and storage prevented that from happening this year.

So, we ventured out to Home Depot on a week night a week before Christmas to find the “perfect” tree. Little did we know what a trying experience this would be for both of us. Neither of us have a truck or SUV or any other vehicle that would fit a 6′ tree in it, so we took my little Mitzsubishi Mirage, planning to have Home Depot put the netting around the tree so it would fit into the car.

After picking out our tree, which was actually pretty painless and smooth, we discovered that Home Depot was out of the netting and they had nothing at all to help us get this tree home in our little compact car. John and I were both frustrated and to put it nicely…I don’t think anyone in the parking lot thought we were newlyweds! :/

We finally got the tree home and set up, which was a huge relief, but we had to wait for the tree to settle before putting on the ornaments (plus we weren’t really in the mood to decorate that night, it was late, and we didn’t have an multi-colored tree lights).

We decided to decorate our tree the following Saturday after picking up some lights that were on sale at Target. We started with the lights and went through about 450 lights to get the tree looking event and well-lit.

After the lights, it was time for the tree topper. I was nervous that any ornaments we had put on the tree would potentially get broken when trying to put the topper on, so we put the topper on before any of the ornaments.


John putting on the tree topper

Our tree ready for ornaments


Next up were the ornaments. Since John put the topper on, I got to put the first ornament on the tree. We decided that we would make it a tradition that the first ornament on the tree would be a new one from that year. Even though we have several new ornaments this year, we chose our “First Christmas Together” wedding ornament to be the first.

Hanging the first ornament

We had a lot of fun decorating our tree with the multitude of ornaments I have collected over 28 Christmases. My parents bought us at least one ornament of our choice every year growing up, including an ornament for the Christmas before we were born! I have quite the collection and between my ornaments and the decorative glass balls we bought, we have a very full tree!


The completed tree


It was so exciting to have our Christmas decorations up as we prepared for our first Christmas together.

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