January 31

I missed taking a photo today, so I decided to pull an old photo from earlier this month that I didn’t end up using. I have been hoping to be able to use this one somehow. It’s a painting that’s hanging in my office and I’d love to photograph this more with a macro lens to really get the textures from the paint…maybe for my birthday in May!


January 30

This is our rotted out front door. There was previous damaged that was apparently repaired with plaster. Well, when it rains as much as it has the past couple weeks, it starts to disintegrate and this is what the door looks like now. While it makes for some pretty cool pictures, I can’t wait for them to replace our door.

January 29

This it the back side of our wall heater…this tiny little vent is supposed to heat the entire back half of our apartment, even though it’s not actually in either of the two bedrooms, including ours that also has a large sliding glass door to our balcony for one of the walls. In other words, it’s pretty much useless!

January 28

I have been looking at the mountains all week – they’re gorgeous because of all the wet weather we had last week. It’s been pretty clear, making the view even more spectacular. Today was a day I wished I had a panoramic setting on my camera!

January 27

Quiznos had this really good Turkey Club sandwich that I decided to try to duplicate. I’ve never been a fan of sandwiches, even when I was little and now, I usually only eat them if the sandwich is on a roll. Since this sandwich was so good, I wanted to try the sandwich on regular bread since I’m trying to stay away from white bread. Well, this sandwich was a no-go. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or what, but I couldn’t even finish it. The search for healthy lunches is still on!

January 26

One of my new projects this year was to complete a 101 in 1001 list. If you want more info about this project and to view my list click here.

One of the items on that list is to make 5 new meals. With John and I trying to lose weight and eating healthier, I’ve been looking through the numerous cooking magazines I’ve collected over the past couple years in search of healthy, but cheap and easy recipes. I came across this tilapia recipe. It’s basically a breaded tilapia fillet with bread crumbs, some herbs and parmesan cheese…yes, cheese with fish. Granted, it probably would have worked out a bit better if I had used GRATED instead of SHREDDED, but it was still pretty good. Plus, the side dish I made with it was so easy and tasted really good! It’s something that’s going in my arsenal, especially for last minute dinners!

January 25

Mondays. It’s always been my least favorite day. Not only is it the day that’s furthest from the weekend, but it’s usually my busiest day at work. The beginning of the week brings several weekly tasks I must complete, but it’s also the day I prepare for Tuesday morning Bible Study, which can sometimes be quite a production. Since my office is across campus and I already have to arrive early on Tuesday to set up, I found this basket that I pack up with all of the photocopies and other supplies I need for the next day and leave it in my car overnight.  Here’s the basket all ready to go at the end of yet another busy Monday.