January 21

I missed my first day taking a picture…I had some things in mind, but the day just got away from me.  So, I decided rather than just giving up because I had missed a day (I’m sure more will come), I will just take two photos the next day, so today you get a special two-fer!

First is one of the plants on our balcony I took this morning.  The sun was actually shining (yes, it was very brief) and I love the way the water droplets are so visible.

This second one is out of our living room window.  We were watching TV and all of the sudden, it just started POURING and probably hailing – it was more than just rain pounding on the window!  I looked out to see if I could actually see hail, and then went to grab my camera because I liked how the water was running down the window in streams.  As I started taking pictures, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the way they were turning out, so I tried a different part of the window – where there was a screen.  Again, with the abstraction, but these ones were just SO neat!

2 thoughts on “January 21

    • katiejulius says:

      Thanks! It was kind of an accident, but one of my favorites that I’ve taken so far!! In all the years I’ve been photographing, I’ve found most of the ones I like were “accidents.”

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