#22 Visit 5 So Cal Attractions

John and I both had January 15 off and we knew we wanted to do something out of the ordinary…a sort of date day. Since we’re saving for a house, we don’t have dates out very often, but John took care of planning something for us – and everything but parking and our late lunch was free!

Our first stop was downtown Los Angeles. The original plan was to visit Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral and the Disney Concert Hall – both places I’ve wanted to visit and photograph since they’ve been in existence. When we arrived at the Cathedral, we pulled into the parking structure next to the Cathedral and after we took our parking ticket, we saw that this particular structure charged $4 for every 15 minutes!! We decided we’d still go walk around the Cathedral, but walking the short distance to the Concert Hall was out.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting at the Cathedral, but I was rather disappointed and unimpressed. I thought it was significantly larger than it is and more ornate. I guess it’s kind of a mix of modern art and architecture with some of the traditional religious elements. I wasn’t too thrilled and didn’t take a lot of photos, but here’s one of the mausoleum below the sanctuary – if I remember correctly, it’s the only place where lay people can be buried within a Catholic church.

As we were leaving, there were these two fountains near the entrance of the plaza area.  I wanted to spend more time playing with my aperture and shutter speed, but we had to get back to the car before we had to pay an additional $4.  So, here’s the best one:

After the Cathedral, we went to a place John used to go in high school called Philippe’s that served French Dip sandwiches.

John’s surprise for me that day was that we were going to see the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood.  We got there early to make sure we got in.  It was a lot of fun, even though I’ve never watched Jimmy Kimmel before.  It was the first time I remember going to the filming of a TV show (I think I went to one in junior high, but I don’t remember what it was or anything about it).

The filming finished about 8:30, so we drove up the hill to the Griffith Observatory.  We were a bit bummed because neither of the telescopes were working – one is for the sun and doesn’t work at night and the other is for the moon/stars, but doesn’t work when it’s cloudy.  We definitely want to go back again, but it was still cool to see the amazing views of the city.

When we first arrived, John pointed out to me the orbit of Pluto (I guess it was redone when Pluto was still a planet).  They have a scale version of the orbit of all the planets and the sun…Pluto was WAY out there!

Here’s the front of the building…the architecture of this building is so cool!  Simple, yet traditional.

And this last one is the amazing view of the city with the lit observatory in the foreground.  It’s a close second for my favorite, behind the one of the entrance.

That was the end of our day, and it felt good that I could actually start checking things off my list!  I’m excited to see what other great attractions Southern California has to offer!  I already have some ideas of where to go next, but you’ll have to check back and see where I go!

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