#8 Cook 5 new meals

Growing up, I only remember eating a handful of different types of vegetables – mostly corn, green beans, broccoli, and the occasional brussel sprout, though I don’t like them.  In the past few years, since getting access to cable and the Food Network channel as well as getting married, I have been inspired to cook more often and to try new foods.  Most of what I made on a regular basis was not very healthy (though it was very tasty) and so with the change in the foods John and I are eating, I decided to try making different meals – I think I may hit the 5 meal mark at the end of this week already!

So, the first meal I made was from my Food Network magazine.  As I mentioned, I have only been exposed to a limited number of vegetables, and I discovered this recipe that uses kale that’s actually from the Obama kitchen.  It’s an herb-roasted chicken with braised kale.  It was very good and kale is definitely something I’ll be adding to my arsenal of veggies.

If you want the recipe, it’s available here on the Food Network website.

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