February 28

We have storage units in each of our parking spaces.  Have some type of storage space is SO nice, though I can’t wait to have a garage of my own that I don’t have to secure with a pad lock!


February 27

I’ve been noticing this picnic table and benches on the patio of our complex for a while now and finally took a picture today.  I like the geometric, repetitive shapes the legs create.

February 25

This photo is a lesson on why you want to shoot with the lowest ISO possible.  Grainy-ness.  Yuck!

This is another part of our carports at our apartment.  Can you tell our apartment complex really wants to make sure everything looks nice?  Note the sarcasm.  Just over two months and we can finally be done as renters!

February 23

John has a plumeria tree.  I think it gets confused what season it is.  It started with the green leaves during the winter and now they’re starting to turn yellow and fall off.  It still hasn’t produce a single flower.  Maybe once it has a settled place in the ground (vs. a pot), it will start behaving like it’s supposed to.

February 22

This isn’t a very exciting photo…or a great photo compositionally, conceptually and content-wise, but it’s the one I took today of  a nail that was sticking out in our carport.  Rather than pull it out (I doubt it’s of any use like that), let’s just paint over it!