March 31

With Easter this coming weekend, I noticed these palm-like looking plants near my apartment.  A reminder that while Christ was celebrated with a grand entrance, just five days later, he was heckled, tortured and killed by those same people.  What a difference a few days make.


March 30

Who doesn’t love getting mail?  I know I do!  It’s like Christmas morning every day when you get home from work to see what’s in your mailbox.  Usually, it’s disappointing – bills and ads, but those rare occasions when you get something you ordered or even a handwritten card or note make those days that aren’t so great worth it.

March 27 & 28

Since I missed taking a photo today, I chose two from yesterday since I had so many good ones that I liked.

Yesterday was the annual women’s Easter Brunch at the Crystal Cathedral, where I work. We had amazing time – great food, incredible worship from Freddie Colloca (one of the youth pastors) and the rest of the Hispanic Ministry worship band, and an inspirational message from comedian Kerri Pomarolli.

The two photos I chose are just a great illustration of what God was doing in the lives of the women who attended the event (both of these happen to be during worship).

March 26

Today I was able to get off work early.  When I called my husband, as I normally do when driving home from work, he was at Yard House in Long Beach for happy hour with his dad and said that I should head down there.  So, after we had half-off appetizers and ciders, we headed home.  I took this with my iPhone as we were driving back to the freeway.  They have a lot of the barricades and fences set up for the Long Beach Grand Prix in a couple weeks and I liked the way the setting sun looked behind the fence.

March 24

I’ve been wanting to do a journaling exercise with the RUBY girls since January and it felt like the time was right and I think the girls really got a lot out of it.  When we told them their time was up and they had to go back to class, they were very quiet and reluctant to leave.  I’m hoping it’s because they were really into what they were writing and that God was working in their lives!

Today’s photo is one of the girls laying on the floor in the hallway as she journals.  While I’m not thrilled with the technical aspects of the photo, I really like the mirror and reflection in the image.