March 14

I have known Alyssa since my freshman year in college.  We lived across the hall from each other in the dorm and we were both part of the Honors Program at APU.  We were then roommates our sophomore year – our first experience at “apartment” living.

Alyssa and her husband, Jeremy, had their first baby, an adorable little girl named Mikayla Faith.  One of our other sophomore year roommates threw a shower for her today and I made sure to capture it – like I always do!

My favorite shot of the day is actually of a little girl who is the daughter of one the guests who works with Alyssa at Disneyland.  Her name is Catherine (though I have no idea which spelling she uses) and she was playing with Alyssa’s niece on a step-stool (you can see Alyssa’s niece, Bella’s leg at the bottom of the photo).  They would climb to the top and shout “Ta-da” as they spread their arms out wide, ensuring the attention would be on them.  They were so cute!

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