April 30

We’ve made a lot of progress (see stack of boxes below), but still have a ways to go!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a very late night and a LONG day tomorrow!  Can’t wait to get out of here!


April 29

Have you ever tried to capture wind on film?  It’s not the easiest thing to do because you have to really look for at the things around you the wind is having an effect on…and even then, it can still be difficult to tell.

Today was super windy so I tried to photograph the wind blowing the palm trees in the parking lot at work.  I waited until the palms were being blown as far over as possible and this was the best I got.  I’m not sure it’s evident the wind is blowing unless it’s actually mentioned, but hey, it was worth a shot!

April 21 & 24-28

I’ve been really bad this week about taking photos, probably because I’ve been so busy packing and cleaning in preparation for our move this weekend (no more apartment!).  Fortunately, I got A LOT of great shots from a prayer day the Tuesday morning Bible study had on April 27.  Each group was assigned a type of prayer and then came up with a station for the other ladies to experience that type of prayer during an hour of silence (based on Matthew 26:40 “Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?”).

It was a powerful day and we had the highest turnout ever (well, this year anyway) and several guests joined us from other areas of the ministry.  It was a powerful day for me to watch the ladies participate and see them become completely vulnerable and open to what God would do in their lives.

A time of worship in preparation for the hour of silence.

One of the ladies covers her head and she entered the “Petition” area

Michelle being “Anointed/Blessed”

At the “Confession & Forgiveness” station

Reading Scripture at the end of the “Petition” station

After the hour, the bowl representing Christ’s blood washing away what we try to hold on to at the “Trusting/Releasing” station

April 23

John has every other Friday off.  Fortunately it’s not because of furloughs or anything – it’s just his awesome schedule of working a 9-80.

He likes when I make him coffee in the morning, so I got the coffee all ready to go and set for 10:00 a.m. when he planned to get up and even left him a note since I couldn’t be there to tell him “good morning.”

Hope you enjoyed your coffee, dear!

April 20

So, I just realized that it’s Earth Day…and this photo is not exactly fitting for today, but when you have a card-making business, you need paper to make cards!

I was so excited to buy this paper today at Xpedx (awesome store if you love paper!).  It’s some of the supplies I’ll be needing to make my 10-year reunion invitations (yep, I’m old!).  I’m weird and love the smell of new paper (and yearbooks…but that’s another post) and was just so excited to buy this that I had to share!

April 19

The handles on my old purse finally broke completely this weekend, which meant it was time for purse shopping.  Now, you have to understand that I’m not really a purse type of girl.  I have one purse that I use until it breaks and then I get another one.  However, I am very particular about the purses that I do buy.  I like lots of pockets – at least one outside pocket so you can easily find keys and the phone and at least one inside pocket for feminine needs (can’t have that just floating around with everything else).  I usually like more pockets than that, but the selection wasn’t what I was hoping at Wal-Mart, but I did find this fun large purse on clearance at Target – and it does have two additional smaller pockets on the inside for pens (though I have to be careful when I lean over or it all comes spilling out).  I love that it’s open since I rarely zip my purse anyway.  I’m just hoping it has a longer life than my purses in the past – it’s cute and I’ve already gotten several compliments on it!