April 19

The handles on my old purse finally broke completely this weekend, which meant it was time for purse shopping.  Now, you have to understand that I’m not really a purse type of girl.  I have one purse that I use until it breaks and then I get another one.  However, I am very particular about the purses that I do buy.  I like lots of pockets – at least one outside pocket so you can easily find keys and the phone and at least one inside pocket for feminine needs (can’t have that just floating around with everything else).  I usually like more pockets than that, but the selection wasn’t what I was hoping at Wal-Mart, but I did find this fun large purse on clearance at Target – and it does have two additional smaller pockets on the inside for pens (though I have to be careful when I lean over or it all comes spilling out).  I love that it’s open since I rarely zip my purse anyway.  I’m just hoping it has a longer life than my purses in the past – it’s cute and I’ve already gotten several compliments on it!


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