April 21 & 24-28

I’ve been really bad this week about taking photos, probably because I’ve been so busy packing and cleaning in preparation for our move this weekend (no more apartment!).  Fortunately, I got A LOT of great shots from a prayer day the Tuesday morning Bible study had on April 27.  Each group was assigned a type of prayer and then came up with a station for the other ladies to experience that type of prayer during an hour of silence (based on Matthew 26:40 “Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?”).

It was a powerful day and we had the highest turnout ever (well, this year anyway) and several guests joined us from other areas of the ministry.  It was a powerful day for me to watch the ladies participate and see them become completely vulnerable and open to what God would do in their lives.

A time of worship in preparation for the hour of silence.

One of the ladies covers her head and she entered the “Petition” area

Michelle being “Anointed/Blessed”

At the “Confession & Forgiveness” station

Reading Scripture at the end of the “Petition” station

After the hour, the bowl representing Christ’s blood washing away what we try to hold on to at the “Trusting/Releasing” station


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