June 30

Whitney, my co-worker, is getting married in October and I am making her wedding invitations.  We’ve been shopping around looking for just the right materials to create the vision she has for the invitations.

I took this photo at Joann’s to show her the different color button packages they had at the store.


I’m Drawing a Blank

I never made it a goal to post every day.  It’s not even on my 101 list.  But I almost feel like I should write SOMETHING today.  There must be something that happened today that I can comment on or share with all of you.  Maybe it’s the “pressure” of knowing that there are actually people reading this now (hi, fellow Nesties) that I need to keep this more up to date.

So, as I have spent the evening trying to figure out what I should blog about today, I logged in to WordPress and at the top of my dashboard, there was an “announcement” about a new idea generating website called Plinky.com.  Everyday it gives you a prompt that you can use to help generate ideas on what to write, if you’ve hit that all-to-familiar writer’s block.

I don’t think I would use it in the sense it was originally intended to be (you create an account and post to the website and it somehow links back to your blog), but I like the idea of going to the site and browsing through old prompts and seeing what captures my attention.  It will definitely come in handy on those days my brain just can’t think of an exciting topic, but I still feel like blogging!

Home Garden

Yesterday my husband and I went up to Burbank to visit some friends (his Best Man, his wife and 1-year old daughter).  We had such a great time visiting and it was so good to see them and Kacey again since the last time we saw them was at the wedding in October.  Because of our South Dakota trip, we had to miss Kasey’s first birthday party, so we went up today instead.

I was very inspired by their home garden.  First off, I hope that my future house has that much space for a deck, some grass AND a huge vegetable garden!  I love that they can just go and pick whatever is in season from their backyard just before dinner.  Fresh fruits and vegetables always taste so much better and you always have some on had!

I regret not taking any photos of their garden, but if it’s a vegetable, it was probably there!  They also had an herb garden that lined part of the deck…if nothing else, I’m definitely starting one of these when I get a house!

Thanks Cody, Stephanie and Kasey for sharing your garden with us and inspiring me to be a gardener (food only…I still kill flowers and other potted plants)!

98 Days to Go

Yes, it’s feeling like de-ja-vu around here because a year ago, I was counting down to our wedding day, but now it’s a countdown to our FIRST anniversary (that’s a pretty big deal…at least in my book)!

It’s weird because on one hand, it feels like it’s been so much longer than 8.5 months (in a good way), but I also find myself thinking, holy cow, where’d the year go!?!  We’re not-so-slowly approaching one year (and the last 100 days or so is all just downhill)!

With our one year anniversary just around the corner, of course, an appropriate anniversary gift is on my mind.  We decided we want to do the whole “traditional” gift thing, so this year it’s paper (ooo….exciting!).  I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to get him, but I can’t reveal it until our anniversary because I know he reads this (Hi, dear!  I know you were hoping I’d spoil it…sorry! :D).  I definitely have some kinks to work out and a few logistical things to take care of, but I’m super excited about it!

So, I’m curious, what did you get (or are planning to get) your spouse for your first anniversary?  I’d love to hear!

June 27

I have been eating at Mexi Casa, a little “hole in the wall” place for almost 29 years. Yes, I am only 28.  It’s probably why I love it so much!  If you’re local to Anaheim, and you haven’t been here before, you have to try it at least once.  Meals run about $5 or $6 per person and are FULL plates of food.