RAW(e): Pets/Animals

First, my photo of Jillian…she’s my sister’s dog.  She can be a sweet angel or an absolute terror.  This photo is of her on top of the old, broken spa in the backyard.  She’s not supposed to be on it.  She doesn’t care.  The white lattice you see behind her is so she won’t jump over the fence.  When she’s on top of the spa, she can comfortably stand and rest her front legs on the fence and peer over into the neighbor’s yard – where two former police dogs await her.  Oh, Jilly!

So, now the story behind why I’m posting this photo…

I am part of a little…okay, maybe not so little…community on Facebook.  When I joined over a year ago, it was called WeddingBook and it was a place for brides to share upcoming wedding plans, struggles, joys and frustrations, and to ask advice from other brides who had been through it all already.  This has morphed into three different communities (there’s a bit of crossover, though) – WeddingBook, The Nest (for those who are past the wedding planning – or aren’t there yet), and Mommyhood (for those with children, pregnant, or trying to conceive).

Long story short, we often discuss other topics and one that came up in the forums the past couple of days is the 101 in 1001 list.  I was glad to join a group of women who are going through this journey as well (I  have links to their blogs on the right side of the screen).  In looking at some of their blogs, I stumbled upon a project called RAW(e).  Basically, every week there is a different topic and you have to post a photo that fits that theme…and it has to be TOTALLY unedited – straight from the camera.

This was hard for me because I don’t have the highest end camera and a lot of times, I take photos in conditions that aren’t ideal, thinking “Oh, I’ll just fix it in Photoshop.”  Can’t do that for this project!  I like that it forces me to really play with the settings on my camera to make it work.  This particular photo of Jillian isn’t totally in focus – I took it at dusk and my camera struggles with poor lighting conditions.  I guess it’s teaching me I have to be okay with imperfection sometimes!


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