Home Garden

Yesterday my husband and I went up to Burbank to visit some friends (his Best Man, his wife and 1-year old daughter).  We had such a great time visiting and it was so good to see them and Kacey again since the last time we saw them was at the wedding in October.  Because of our South Dakota trip, we had to miss Kasey’s first birthday party, so we went up today instead.

I was very inspired by their home garden.  First off, I hope that my future house has that much space for a deck, some grass AND a huge vegetable garden!  I love that they can just go and pick whatever is in season from their backyard just before dinner.  Fresh fruits and vegetables always taste so much better and you always have some on had!

I regret not taking any photos of their garden, but if it’s a vegetable, it was probably there!  They also had an herb garden that lined part of the deck…if nothing else, I’m definitely starting one of these when I get a house!

Thanks Cody, Stephanie and Kasey for sharing your garden with us and inspiring me to be a gardener (food only…I still kill flowers and other potted plants)!

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