I’m Drawing a Blank

I never made it a goal to post every day.  It’s not even on my 101 list.  But I almost feel like I should write SOMETHING today.  There must be something that happened today that I can comment on or share with all of you.  Maybe it’s the “pressure” of knowing that there are actually people reading this now (hi, fellow Nesties) that I need to keep this more up to date.

So, as I have spent the evening trying to figure out what I should blog about today, I logged in to WordPress and at the top of my dashboard, there was an “announcement” about a new idea generating website called Plinky.com.  Everyday it gives you a prompt that you can use to help generate ideas on what to write, if you’ve hit that all-to-familiar writer’s block.

I don’t think I would use it in the sense it was originally intended to be (you create an account and post to the website and it somehow links back to your blog), but I like the idea of going to the site and browsing through old prompts and seeing what captures my attention.  It will definitely come in handy on those days my brain just can’t think of an exciting topic, but I still feel like blogging!


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