My Independence Day Weekend

We had quite a busy 3-day weekend!

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening in Riverside at my aunt and uncle’s house celebrating my uncle’s retirement.  We drove out with my parents and left early to make sure we made it on time if we hit any traffic (there wasn’t much at all!).

The food was delicious.  It was catered by a Mexican place in Santa Ana – we had carne asada and chicken tacos, rice and beans.  It was fun to visit with my mom’s side of the family, especially my cousin and his wife, and we don’t see them very often.  We also enjoyed watching my uncle’s grandkids (and some of the adults) play on the water bounce house they rented.  If I was 10 years younger, I would have so been on it!

For as long as I can remember my aunt and uncle have had a small “farm” in the backyard – chickens and roosters as well as fruit trees (oranges, avocados and lemons).  Like the vegetable garden at John’s friend’s, their backyard made me want to have my own chickens and fruit trees.  I asked a lot of questions about having chickens and “farm fresh” eggs and would consider having 2 or 3 in the future.  I don’t want more than that because they lay 1 egg per day and I’d have chicken eggs coming out my ears!

Here’s a photo of the only rooster they have left.

These are their chicken coops.  There are only about 5 or 6 hens left, but all of these coops used to be full!

When my aunt was gathering eggs, one of them was broken, so she fed it to the rooster!  She said that the chickens will eat it, but you have to be careful because if the hens figure out what’s inside of the eggs they’re laying, they will eat them before you can get to them – and it’s a very hard habit to break them off.

My aunt gave us a dozen farm fresh eggs to take home with us…which we enjoyed on Sunday morning!

After our delicious eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, toast and OJ breakfast, we headed over to John’s parents’ house in Palos Verdes.  We had a picnic near the St. Vincent Lighthouse and took a short walk on the path there.  This photo is a sign that shows where you are on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Apparently, there is a trail around the entire peninsula!  I think it said it was something like 28 miles!

John’s dad and his wife, Yan and his brother and girlfriend walking toward us on the path.  John and I were a bit slower because we were stopping to take photos along the way.

Photos like this…these pods with the seeds were all over the place!  I’m not sure what the red part is for, but they look really cool!

Here’s a photo I took of John taking pictures of a tree.  I think it’s one of my favorite of John taking pictures (I have several).

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at John’s parents’ watching Remember Me (talk about a depressing movie!) and then headed back down the hill to watch the fireworks at Torrance Beach.  We actually went to a spot (known as the “lover’s lane” of PV) that overlooked the entire LA coastline.  A lot of people had the same idea we did.  We watched the fireworks shows all along the coastline, and even a few that were inland before the Torrance one started at 9:30.  This one was the closest and gave me the best shot for photos (even though I forgot my tripod).

After a long day we headed back home, glad we had one more day to sleep in!  Monday was a lazy day around the house, though we did go shopping for our groceries for the week.  We had dinner at my parents’ and then lit a fire in the outdoor fire pit (it’s one of those portable ones) and had s’mores for dessert! 

John thinks they’re YUMMY!

So, that was our weekend – lots going on, but it was a lot of fun (minus the being sick part)!  And the best part of the 3-day weekend…a 4-day work week!


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