July 11

Around late June, I always start watching the Hallmark stores for signs of their Christmas ornament preview event, when they officially unveil their ornaments for that year.  It’s my version of Christmas in July!

I was so bummed that I forgot to take my DSLR with me, so I had to get a photo using my cell phone camera.  This little guy is a new series for this decade (we won’t get into the debate about how the decade actually starts in 2011, not 2010).  I collected all of the previous “Cool Decade” series (2000-2009) that featured a cold climate creature with the year “carved” out of “ice.”  Looks like this new series continues the cool theme, this time with snowmen!

They didn’t have a preview of the other series I’ve been collecting – Doorways Around the World, that showcase a Christmas decorated doorway from a different country each year.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why on earth I’m so excited about ornaments, blame that one on my mom.  Beginning the Christmas before we were born, my mom would buy us each an ornament.  At first she would pick them out, but as we got older, we got to choose our ornaments.  Once we were out on our own, we could take our ornaments with us and use them to decorate our tree, so it wasn’t totally bare.  Well, it worked!  After 28 years of Christmas ornaments, I am proud to say that I can decorate an entire 7′ Christmas tree with my ornaments alone – and I plan to continue purchasing ornaments each year and carrying on the tradition once I have children of my own (hopefully we’ll be buying our first “in womb” ornament this Christmas!).


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