RAW(e): Desserts

This week was a tough one!  I’m not much of a sweets fan…shocker, I know.  My husband more than makes up for it though!

For Valentine’s Day 2009 (a couple weeks before we got engaged), I attempted to replicate a dessert we had when we ate at Club 33 in Disneyland.  The only part of the name I remember was “chocolate bomb” – and it was delicious, even for this non-sweets girl.  I scoured the web looking for a recipe and while I was never able to find it, some information I found indicated that it was more like a chocolate ganache (you can see the two layers in the photo) dessert and since my (now) husband loves any kind of chocolate, he loved what I made!

My entry for this week’s RAW(e) is him enjoying the first piece!  My favorite part of this photo is his expression!


Posted on July 13, 2010, in Photo Challenges, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Handsome fella there. He looks very happy! :O)

  2. Love anything with chocolate too. MMMMMM

  3. Yummy!! I’ve been lucky enough to go to Club 33 too!! So much fun!

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