The Adventures of Milly and Tilly

There really are no words to describe Milly and Tilly.

They are the brainchild of two of my amazing co-workers who fearlessly lead the Children’s Ministry at the Crystal Cathedral.  For four weeks this summer, they take on the role of two sisters who go on crazy adventures just to learn important lessons from key Bible characters, with a fun and modern twist.

They wrote the script themselves, created the props and costumes and then perform twice each Sunday for the special Children’s Messages.

Today was their first adventure, which included stealing money from their parents so they could attend a Jonas Brothers concert (but first stopping at Target to get matching outfits and inviting the Bros for ice cream).  In their search for the Brothers, they climbed high in a tree to see them through the crowd – similar to a “wee little man” who was trying to see Jesus, before realizing the mistake they had made.

I’ve included some of my favorite photos from their adventure today.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing more the next three weeks (I’ve read the scripts – they get better as the weeks go on!).  Be sure to check back here each Sunday for their newest adventure!

(Sorry Whit and Kre…some of these were just too good to pass up posting!)

(This one is slightly blurry, but I just love their facial expressions!)


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