Shutter Love Tuesdays: Faces

I have always struggled with photographing people.  Maybe it’s because it takes away from the anonymity of hiding behind a camera (you know you get slightly nervous when someone points a camera at you) and maybe it’s because I consider my “signature” photography style as abstracting ordinary objects.  It’s kind of difficult to do this with people.

But, here we are, with a theme of Faces for Shutter Love Tuesdays over at The Trendy Treehouse.  Since these photos tend to be of kids, I immediately thought of a photo I took while taking an online composition photography class a couple of summers ago to refresh and refine my skills.  I was living in Camarillo at the time and the assignment was to take pictures of…PEOPLE!  I shot my assignment at an outdoor fiesta/carnival in the downtown area, and after a while, didn’t really care if people saw me photographing them and ended up with some really great shots.  I think this one best showcases “Faces.”

Maybe I should try this same concept at the OC Fair this year.  My mom did recently encourage me to photograph people more…after all, I need to practice for my future children (disclaimer…this is NOT a pregnancy announcement…please don’t start the rumors)!

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