In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Urban

For the next few weeks, the In a Yellow House Photo Challenge is going to be hosted by Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos.

I was pretty excited by the theme of Urban, though once I started looking for a photo to use, I realized that I haven’t shot much architecture recently.  I will have to remedy that soon!

Here’s my urban photo – an urban “river” – taken a couple of months ago while I was sitting at an intersection on my way home from work (yes, I rolled down my window and shot this from my car).

I love how the light is reflected in the water and how it contrasts with the rest of the image!


Posted on July 27, 2010, in Photo Challenges, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I think this is a very interesting perspective and I love how the light hits the water. Nice job!

  2. I love this! I’m the queen of taking pictures out of my window too – although I don’t think any of my window shots have turned out this cool! LOVE how the light is shining on the water!

  3. This is a great photo! I love taking pictures out the car window. 🙂 The light on the water is lovely.

  4. I haven’t quite mastered how to take photos while riding my bike – I have tried though. Think I need to learn to ride without hands first! Love the reflections you’ve managed to capture here.

  5. Great use of being stuck in traffic! Nice perspective.

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