RAW(e): 2(6)

This week’s RAW(e) photo challenge over at Sailor & Company is a little bit different – instead of a category or topic, you have to go into the second folder of your photos and select the sixth photo in that folder (hence the 2(6) ).

Well, I have to admit I didn’t follow the rules entirely.  The way that I organize my photos means I have several levels of folders before you actually get to a photo.  It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds and it’s really easy to find things…just go to the year, month and then the day – and sometimes if there are multiple topics in one day, there will be folders for each one.  I always know what’s in a folder without having to look at the images themselves.

So, how did I solve my little dilemma?  I chose the most recent image that was titled “0726” – since the date was the inspiration for the 2(6) assignment anyway!

This photo was taken back in the beginning of May, just after John and I had moved and loaded up the truck with donations for me to take to the school where I work for their annual rummage sale.


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