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Punk Rock Mom Photo Challenge: Perspective

I have stumbled across yet another new photo challenge.  I like this one in particular because we have an entire week to shoot (or find) images related to the topic.  If you want more details or to join in, just click on the image below, then proceed to my entries for this week’s topic: perspective.

Unique Point of View

Tree Branch


Reflection (my favorite)



I have to admit I was on constant blog alert today, hitting the “refresh” button on my stats page repeatedly today as I watched my hit counter slowly creep toward 1,000 hits in a month.  A couple days ago, I was around 850 views and thought there was no way I’d make it.  But, sure enough, just before 3:00 p.m., I crossed the 1,000 threshold!

If I knew who it was that was my 1,000th viewer, I would have offered a prize or something, but I’ll just have to settle for saying thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog over the past couple months.  I have quadrupled my hits in just 3 months!  I hope you all continue reading…I’ll keep posting!

And speaking of posts.  You are reading post #100!  What a momentous day!

August 31

This is another photo I shot for the Perspective photo challenge.  It’s actually the same building from yesterday, but from a totally different perspective!

In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Work & Play

Technically, this doesn’t qualify for submission since I didn’t take the photo, so I know I won’t win, but I thought it fit well with the category and I don’t really have anything else to post for this theme.

This photo is me with three of my co-workers (my boss and the two who work in Children’s Ministry) during Vacation Bible School earlier this month.  I think it fits this category so well because I felt like a lot of the work we were doing to prep for and during VBS was a lot of play – crafts, games, skits, songs with the kids.  It was a week full of a lot of work, but also a lot of play (I’d post more photos here, but I can’t post pictures of the kiddos, so there aren’t many other photos to choose from!).

Simplicity Photo Challenge: Love

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted for a Simplicity Photo Challenge, but I’ve had these photos on my desktop just waiting to be used for about a month now, and they fit this week’s theme of “Love” perfectly!

I actually took them about 3 years ago when I was taking a photo class at a local community college, just to brush up on my skills and knowledge before I started teaching photography at the high school level.  I was excited that Greg (my brother) and Theresa were willing to be my subjects for this assignment.  These are a few of my favorite shots.

And lastly, my entry for this week:

Fore more “Love” shots, head on over to:

August 30

Today’s photo is one I shot for a photo challenge.  The theme was perspective.  I caught this reflection as I was leaving work today.  I love the colors of the late evening sun and how the water distorts the building.

RAW(e): Yellow

At the suggestion of Jessica, here is my shot for this week’s RAW(e): Yellow theme.

August 29

Here it is, the last weekend of August and we FINALLY make it to the beach for a few hours.  In my defense, most of the summer hasn’t exactly been beach weather!  It’s been a bit on the chilly side (for summer anyway), until just a week or so ago.  Of course, that means we’re going to have an “Indian Summer” where it’s hot all the way into October and November, so there’s plenty more beach-going opportunities ahead.

It was actually a really nice, relaxing day at the beach!  We used our new “camping” chairs for the second time in as many days (they’re going to come in handy now that we have them!).

08.29.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In editing these, I realized I took them all today!  Not sure why I haven’t been as shutter-happy this week as I normally am, but I got some shots I’m pretty happy with, though I do have some ideas for the August Photo Hunt items that I’m going to try to get in the next three days.

So, on to my finds for this week’s hunt:

#1: BokehUntil a couple months ago, I had never even heard of the term “bokeh” before – and I have taken several college level photography classes.  I guess we just called it depth of field.  Even though I hadn’t heard of it, I know I use it a lot!  This particular shot is from the invitations I made for Whitney’s wedding.

#2: BusinessI was at first stumped by this one, but then realized I had just finished making a bunch of invitations with my business logo and website on it.  Why not take a photo of that!?

#3: Eco-FriendlyI saw this sign on the window of the grocery store we stopped at tonight.  This is one I’m going to try re-shooting before the end of the month.  It’s not my favorite, but it works!

#4: RepetitionLast year we registered for two really nice camping chairs from Target for our wedding (along with some other camping gear).  We didn’t get them, but did have a bunch of Target gift cards left.  But, when we went shopping last October/November, camping chairs weren’t very plentiful, so we decided to hold on to them until this spring/summer when it was camping season again.  Once again, we waited too long and the selection wasn’t spectacular, but for $20 a piece, you can’t really go wrong, especially since we’re not going to be using them a ton.  I loved the stitching and pattern on the material of the bag, and got these photos while waiting for the concert after church tonight (see next photo).

#5: MusicJohn and  I weren’t sure we were going to go to this free Tyrone Wells concert after church tonight, but decided to anyway, and we were glad we did!  Not only was I able to get a bunch of “music” shots, but we heard some great music and had a lot of fun relaxing and even getting cold (thank goodness it has cooled down here in California – I don’t like this heat/humidity weather stuff!).

So, there you have it!  Be sure  to take a look at the other hunters’ photos and join in next week with these:

1. Red
2. Homespace
3. Fence
4. Rock
5. Sharp

August 28

Throughout the summer, you’ve been seeing lots of photos on Saturday of our evenings after church, at “Saturday Night Fever.”  Tonight’s event was pretty much the highlight of the summer – a Tyrone Wells concert on the grass.  It was cool (cold, even) weather and just a totally relaxing evening.  A great way to end the summer (there are a few days left still, right?).