What a Weekend!

I thought this weekend was actually going to be somewhat relaxing and while it was a lot calmer than last weekend with all the reunion stuff, it ended up pretty busy when my computer crashed and we spent several hours over several days in the Apple store before finally purchasing a new 13″ MacBook Pro.

I have a lot of blogs to catch up on (date day with John on Friday, Milly & Tilly from this morning, the adventures of getting the new computer, and a few photo challenges I haven’t yet posted to because I haven’t had my computer).

Incidentally, I am writing this from my old PowerBook G4.  After picking it up yesterday evening and unsuccessfully getting a new computer, John decided to set it up and see what would happen.  It’s been running fine most of the day today, though I am afraid to move it anywhere but my desk for fear that any moment it will stop working again.  Fortunately, I have been able to fully back up everything now and while I get the new computer set-up over the next couple of days, I can still use a computer while I’m at home!

Okay, I know it’s only 10:08 p.m., but I’m totally exhausted and I’m working some part of the next 12 days (plus I already worked this morning), which includes the madness and craziness that will be Vacation Bible School August 9-13, so I am off to bed!

Watch for some new blog posts about this weekend tomorrow!  ‘Night all!


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