The New Baby

On Sunday, we welcomed the newest member of the Julius family…that is, the newest electronic member.

After my old PowerBook G4, which I received as a graduation gift when I earned my BA in 2004, decided it didn’t want to continue working properly, we decided it was time to purchase a new MacBook Pro, especially considering the rebates they have right now and the 0% financing for 12 months.

So, after several obstacles, we finally walked out of the Apple store in Cerritos with our new baby…laptop.

Here’s the chronicle of its birth.

Opening the box…

There she is…

The new power cord (much improved over the PowerBook model and one of the features I was most looking forward to when upgrading)

We were made for each other…

The shiny new glass screen – I like this “self-portrait”

The light-up keyboard…ooooo….it glows!

Attempting to “migrate” my files from the old PowerBook (it actually decided to cooperate after we picked it up from the Apple Genius Bar).  The migration didn’t work either, but I’m kind glad.  It’s nice to get a fresh start without all the files and programs from the past six years.


2 thoughts on “The New Baby

    • katiejulius says:

      Well, the late nights are debatable! 🙂 I’ve had several late nights this week getting it all set up the way I want it. Fortunately, I CAN turn it off whenever I want.

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