Fill in the Blank Friday 8.6.10

Friday means not only another weekend (this one should be a bit calmer…the calm before the “storm” of VBS at work next week), but it’s also time for…

Today for breakfast I ate nothing yet.  I’ll probably eat a bowl of Cheerios in a bit, if anything.

My go to/never fail recipe spaghetti or baked chicken.  I make both of those…A LOT.  It’s a good thing my husband likes them!

Something I eat that other people think is weird is sushi.  Not so much weird,, but I’m just grossed out at the thought of eating raw slimy seafood.  I prefer mine cooked.

My worst cooking disaster ever was when I burned white rice.  I don’t remember much about the circumstances, but my mom and sister constantly remind me of that fact that I did it.

If I could only eat one flavor of ice cream the rest of my life it would be chocolate chip cookie dough (but it has to have lots of cookie dough…some brands really skimp on it!)

One food I hate and avoid at all costs is (other than sushi) brussels sprouts.  I cannot stand them.  Never have, never will.

What is your favorite meal?  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Definitely dinner.  My breakfast and lunch tend to be pretty much the same everyday (for convenience), but dinner is my chance to try to new recipes and mix it up a bit.


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