#22: Visit 5 So Cal Attractions

After last week, I just have ONE more attraction to go in Southern California.  Unfortunately, I’m stuck on ideas of where to go.  Please feel free to suggest ideas – I’m sure there’s something out there I haven’t been to yet (though I’m thinking of staying away from kid-friendly places…I think I caught something from our visit to the Discovery Science Center…yuck!).

Anyway, on to the fourth of five attractions – the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.  Surprisingly, even though I grew up just down the road, I had never been there before.  When I was driving by a few weeks ago, I saw that they had just opened up their new “rocket lab” and since John is super into rockets (he was in rocket club in college…yes, I’m serious), I thought it would be a fun place to go on a Friday we both had off.

John had a lot of fun playing in the wet sand.  The station was set-up for kids (and adults) to create land formations and see the effect water has on them.  John built this huge dam right at the beginning and there was virtually no water down-stream for the rest of the kids!

I was a little hesitant to lay on a bed of nails and while it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, it wasn’t painful.  Those nails were definitely sharp, though!

One of the exhibits they have there now is Grossology.  It’s all about the body and it’s not so delightful functions.  It was actually really informative, though definitely gross at times!

John did NOT want to take his picture next to this pile…but he was a good sport and did it anyway (even if it didn’t turn out spectacularly).

John is shooting stuff up a nose.  It would have been way cooler if there would have been hairs and stuff to block the balls, but he had fun (even though all the other kids didn’t follow the rules of shooting just 5 balls – and where their parents were, who knows? But I won’t get started on that).

That’s me standing inside of a giant nose!

DinoQuest is where we spent a big portion of our time at the Center.  Using the wand, you had to walk around the dino area and find different things, wave the wand (which sometimes worked) and it would light up and tell you what you had found.  John got frustrated after we couldn’t find two items (they were hidden back behind the exhibit…really, who would look there?), but I wanted to finish all 6 of the assignment (yep, I’m an overachiever).  Wanna see what I got for all that time and energy?

6 wooden circles (they remind me of POGS…am I dating myself with that reference?) with different dinosaur fossils stamped on them.  At least they’ll look good in a scrapbook.  No need to purchase embellishments for THAT page!

After prying me away from the DinoQuest, we stopped briefly at this contraption that made smoke rings (John was fascinated by it) before heading to the exhibits upstairs.

Either I’m weak or I weigh too much (probably a combination of both), but I could not get myself very high on this pulley system (see the ratio above my head of 1:3).  The 1:6 was so much easier!

They had a really neat hockey exhibit too.  Lots of Ducks stuff.  You could also feel the difference in the weight of the old vs. new uniforms.  Wow, what a difference!  We were able to play an interactive hockey shooting game.  It’s a good thing I stuck to soccer.  I made 1 of 5.  John made 2 of 5.

John enjoyed playing with the water rockets that shot 30-40 feet up.  Sadly, it was the only functioning exhibit in the area, besides the simulated rocket launch (which was also a little bit of a let down).

John wasn’t thrilled about having this picture taken either.  He’s standing under the rocket during its simulated launch.  You can see the little bit of “smoke” that is let off (I think it’s actually a fog machine, because it had that yucky smell to it that reminded me of fog machines).

That last stop of the day on our way out was the pin wall (though I”m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called).  I am choosing to show John’s “image” because mine is not fit for publication, due to the fact that I am a fully developed female adult.

I almost forgot the life-size replica of the space shuttle in the parking lot.  I think you used to be able to actually go inside, but it’s all closed up now.  John was trying to get in.

We ended our fun date day/night by seeing “Inception” (great movie if you haven’t seen it yet) and having dinner at the Olive Garden.

Only one more attraction to go!  Be sure to let me know if any ideas you have (especially if they’re inexpensive!).


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