Second Anniversary of our First Date

Time has gone by so quickly!  In under two months, John and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary – and leaving “newlywed-dom” behind.  It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, we were quickly approaching crunch-time in the wedding planning as October 4 drew near.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the celebration of our first date – the date that started it all – back on August 6, 2008 (doesn’t that sound like so long ago?).

I won’t give you a lot of back story, but John and I met online first and I was hesitant to go on a date with him because I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn’t sure I was ready to date again.  But, he was persistent and I agreed to go out with him.

We had dinner at Gladstone’s in Malibu and then walked along the Santa Monica Pier (a place I had never been before, but wanted to go).  We ended up talking on the beach until 2:00 in the morning!

To celebrate last year, I was working at Pepperdine for a week-long yearbook camp and he drove up to take me out to dinner at Gladstone’s again.  But since neither of us were near Malibu this year and we didn’t feel like sitting in traffic for two hours on a Friday night to get there, John made other plans (but didn’t tell me what they were).

He left me a post-it note on our bedroom door when he left for work (that I would discover when I got up) asking if I would go out with him that night.  I texted him and told him, “Of course!”  He picked me up after work and drove down to Newport Beach to Bluewater Grill for dinner.  It was really good and we got there early enough that we beat the dinner rush!

We started with bread and butter (I LOVE bread and butter) and then shared a lobster bisque (we haven’t had one since our honeymoon on the last night of our cruise).  I ordered the Farfalle Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops in a Porcini Mushroom Cream Sauce and John had the Beer Battered Fish and Chips.  We both had so much food that we were able to take half of our entrees home with us for dinner later in the week.

After we had finished eating, we took a walk around the dock where the restaurant was and then drove down the Balboa Pier.  I was actually a bit surprised that we were able to find a parking spot so close considering that it was a Friday night.

(There were a whole bunch of jellyfish in the water where we ate dinner.  I think I have about 50 shots of them, just trying to get the right picture!)

We walked along the pier and then over to the Fun Zone.  John was intrigued by the ferry to Balboa Island.  Before walking back to the car, we had to get dessert, and what’s better for dessert than funnel cake (though the strawberries weren’t very good)?

I’m looking forward to what John’s planning for our anniversary if this is what he plans for our “date-iversary!”  I know I’VE got something awesome planned for our anniversary.  It’s so hard keeping it a secret, but only 51 more days to go!

John and I, tummies full!


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