And we have a winner…

…well, kind of.

Last week I entered Mama Heart’s Photo Challenge with the theme of “Words.”

Well, I was selected as one of the top 5…and I get this cool badge to display!


Check out my original post here and see the other winners at Mama and the Dudes.


2 thoughts on “And we have a winner…

  1. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos says:

    If you want a full design, you should contact Christy over at Skinned Knees – she did my addicted to button. I’m pretty good if it’s just a photograph and words. So, if you want me to do that…just use the contact me form with a picture and some direction. I’d be happy to.

  2. Ashley says:

    To your latest comment…my lighting sucks too. I use a speedlight a lot of times when I’m in the house. It really saves time in processing if I can force correct lighting in camera.

    You should really use the Tassimo. It’s not as cheap as a coffee maker, but we like the single serve because we don’t tend to drink multiple cups of coffee each day.

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