#101: Volunteer Once Per Quarter

During the first half of the year, I actually volunteered three different times.

The first was on March 21.  My parents’ Bible Study group had volunteered to make lunch for the Next Steps (New Members) class at church and since my mom was uncertain how many people were going to be able to help, John and I went to help out. My mom made one of my favorites – cream cheese chicken!

It was only a few weeks later that John and I signed up to help with checking in the kids before church for our Easter weekend services.  We went to the first service on Saturday afternoon and then stayed and helped during the last two.  It was pretty easy to pick up the check-in process since I had used a similar program when we check-in our kids at work.

A brief explanation of the photo…the theme was “Sweet Life” so there were candy and sweets decorations everywhere (hence the cupcake).

Then, just one week later, we got up nice an early (we had a 7:00 am report time) and volunteered for the Compton Initiative, a program where several churches partner with the Compton community to help fix up homes and schools.  It’s mostly a lot of painting and clean-up type stuff, sometimes some patio brick laying…stuff like that.

On this particular day, a large number of us were working to “make over” a school in Compton.  We actually were working with a new television show that’s very similar to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but does it for schools instead.  It is set to premiere this fall.

John and I were part of the murals team, though we ended up painting butcher paper that would go on the bulletin boards in the new classrooms so they weren’t totally bare when they did the reveal.

So, there’s my volunteering for the first two quarters…I’m quickly running out of time for quarter 3, which ends in September!  I’m sure something will present itself soon and I can jump right in.  We do have another Compton day coming up on October 16, so I’ve got quarter 4 covered!

What is your favorite way to volunteer and give back to your community?


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