#22: Visit 5 So Cal Attractions

John and I both had Good Friday off (yes, back in April) and I had a whole day planned for us.  Well, we ended up sleeping in and lounging around the house too long, so we had to alter those plans.

We decided to go to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands (a place I’ve never been before) and walk around the loop trail they have.  It was a beautiful day out and there were lots of birds!

And lots of flowers…

I’m not sure if this was just corroded because of age and weather or what, but I thought a nature reserve was an interesting place to find something like this, though I do think it makes a pretty cool photo!

We even encountered a squirrel that let us get close enough for some great pictures (with a little help from my zoom lens)!

And one more show of some really unique flowers.  I love the colors in these!

We ended our day with dinner at Ruby’s at the Huntington Beach Pier (it’s been a while since I’ve been there!).  Their shakes are SO good!

So, that was our day!  What’s your favorite one-day local adventure?


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