08.22.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

When I first saw this list, I was a bit worried, but as the week went on, I started to get ideas of what to photograph.  I never thought this challenge would challenge me as much as it has to really think outside of the box on some of the words.

So, without further ado…Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

#1: Leading LinesI love this photo.  And, it’s SOOC, too!  Driving home from work on Tuesday, as I passed over these railroad tracks (as I do every day), I knew exactly what I was going to use for the “Leading Lines” photo.  I’m super excited it turned out even better than I expected!

#2: Something ComfortableI had another one in mind for this, but I took it before the 15th, so I’ll probably be posting the other one for the month-long hunt.

#3: FeetThis one was a stretch for me.  I am not a fan of my feet and rarely wear nail polish because I usually end up with more on my skin than on the actual nail and make a huge mess trying to get it off and fixing it.  But, I knew I was going to be photographing my feet, so I bit the bullet and went for it.  It still looks pretty bad close up (and the polish looks more red than pink), but from this distance, it’s not so bad.  Oh, the unedited version of this photo will appear in another blog for my Raw(e) entry…stay tuned.

#4: SightThis one was a bit of a struggle for me.  The only thing that kept coming to mind was an up-close image of an eye, but without a macro lens, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get close enough to get the shot I was envisioning, plus I thought it might look kind of creepy.  So, when I walked out of my office on Friday afternoon, a little earlier than normal, I noticed the reflection of the Cathedral on the Tower of Hope.  I had never seen it before, even though I’d be outside at this same time before.  I’m not sure if I’ve just never noticed it or just wasn’t looking.  Sometimes we don’t REALLY see the things that are around us every day!

#5: SweetYep, I went the easy, uninspired route on this one – dessert.  Strawberry ice cream with real strawberries on top.  That’s about all my sweet tooth can handle!

Well, that’s it for this week!  Be sure to tune in again next Sunday for yet another scavenger hunt (next week seems even harder than this week!).


17 thoughts on “08.22.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. Faith says:

    You can also get a fairly good photo of just an eye by taking a good close up of a face and then cropping just the eye. It’s not super-awesome but it does the trick 😉
    LOVE your leading lines shot. AWESOME!

  2. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos says:

    I think you’ve done great this week…the great thing about this challenge is that it really pushes you. I have the same problem with my own photos. It’s not like I select the items knowing exactly what I’m going to shoot – heck, last night at 11 pm, I was still editing.

    Great work though – I love them all. Leading lines really is awesome.

  3. Laceysmom says:

    Loving all of these…I espcially LOVE your leading lines…I’ve yet to shoot railroad tracks, & yours are breathtaking!

  4. lorrainemurphyphotography says:

    Love your sight choice, it is too true. I’ve realized that now I am thinking of photography I “see” things I never would have before!

  5. Sheri says:

    beautiful! I love your leading lines shot, and the cathedral could totally go for the same idea don’t you think? (My sentences are NOT making sense!)

    Great shots.

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