In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Trees

I’ll be honest.  When I first saw this week’s theme of Trees, I groaned.  I couldn’t think of any trees photos I really liked…and then I started to go through my archives.  From 2010 alone, I pulled 14 shots that I liked!  14!!  That doesn’t even count the ones I didn’t like (and there were several).  Apparently my “default” subject when I can’t think of anything else to photograph is trees!

I won’t explain each one, except to say where I took it.  They are in no particular order at all.

My parents’ backyard

Our old Long Beach apartment

Shakespeare Garden in Wessington Springs, SD

Chamberlain, SD

Black Hills, South Dakota

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Palos Verdes, CA

Palos Verdes, CA

Garden Grove, CA (at work)

My sister’s house

Long Beach Apartment

Downtown Fullerton, CA

Long Beach Apartment

And lastly…my entry for this week’s In a Yellow House challenge…Grand Canyon

For more tree photos, visit Ashley, our host for the month of August.


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  1. These are wonderful…and to think you initially groaned. These are beautiful shots!

  2. These are gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite…

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