Fill in the Blank Friday 8.27.10

Okay, before I get started filling in my blanks today, I have to say that I think it’s NUTS that it’s August 27th already!  Is it me or did August just totally fly by?  I’m kind of excited because I’m looking forward to all the holidays the fall brings – and celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary!   Just 38 more days!

Enough of that…on to my Fill in the Blanks!

1. The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is ride the bus home from Azusa to Garden Grove on Thanksgiving Day…OR…play a dating game on a well-known local radio station.  Story behind in the first…my mom and I didn’t get along all that great during my freshman year of college so I decided I was going to stay in the dorms over Thanksgiving weekend (I didn’t have a car yet).  I soon realized I was pretty much the ONLY person left on campus on Thanksgiving day, and I was hungry, so I decided I would go home.  Only problem was this was in the early days of cell phones and no one in my family had one, so I had no way of getting a hold of them.  So, I looked up the bus schedules and packed up my stuff and headed to the nearest bus stop.  I don’t remember how long it took, but probably something like 4 or 5 hours later, I ended up at the corner of Beach and Garden Grove Blvd. (two very busy streets) stranded.  I guess the bus that was going to take me the rest of the way home (about 3 or 4 miles) was on a holiday schedule.  I finally was able to call my boyfriend’s father to come pick me up (I called his cell from a pay phone) and he dropped me off at home.  Let’s just say my mom wasn’t exactly thrilled when she learned how I got home.  Not the smartest thing for an 18-year-old girl to be riding the bus 30 miles by herself!

2.  If I were a pair of shoes I  would be very functional and practical.  I’m not a big shoe person…I would live in flip flops if I could.

3.  My preferred mode of digital communication is email.  While I do text a lot more now that I have an iPhone, it’s just so much easier to explain things in an email because there is so much more space!

4.  I feel happiest when I’m with my husband.

5.  A little dream I have for my life is to be a stay at home mom and have my own business.

6.  The one modern convenience I could NOT do without is my computer.  Our computers were down at work earlier this week and we were all very lost!  We couldn’t do much of anything without them!

7. Music, movies, TV or books:  if I could only choose one to enjoy I would pick TV.  Of the four, that’s what I do most (by far).

That’s it for this week.  Head on over to the little things we do and read more answers and link up!


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