Photo Roulette (12)14

Feeling lucky?  Try your hand at a little bit of Photo Roulette.

This week, we’re pulling from the twelfth folder, fourteenth image.

I pulled from my “to transfer” folder (where I store all my photos until I’ve gone through them and have copied them to my external hard drive), so we’re looking at a fairly recent photo.  This folder happened be to taken just last week when I was finally able to convince John to get a Sonicare toothbrush (Costco had a coupon).

So, here it is!

It’s definitely taken some getting use to.  The first day I used it, there is this one spot on the back top part of my mouth that totally tickles (in fact, it still kinda does).  I have to brace myself any time I start to get close.  I’ve already noticed a difference in John’s teeth though!

Okay, enough about our dental habits…hop on over and try your luck at a little photo roulette!

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