#29 & #33 & #99: Cleaning and Donating

Back in April when we were getting ready to move from our apartment, I thought it would be a good time to go through things and clean out stuff I didn’t use or need anymore.  This was particularly important because we were going to be moving into my sister’s garage and we don’t have a lot of space or storage space.  So, I took this opportunity to go through my closet (#33) and my art supplies (#29), most of which I have never used since I took art classes as an undergrad between 7-9 years ago!  Anyway, I actually made a pretty sizable dent in my closet and got rid of most of my art supplies (they probably weren’t any good anyway).  We decided that anything we could, we would donate to the Crystal Cathedral Schools for their annual rummage sale this fall.  So, we borrowed one of my dad’s trucks and loaded full of stuff to donate (#99).  I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure there are 101 items in this truck!

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