#81: Complete my Favello photo book

For my wedding, I had planned to give my parents a book of my life up until the day of the wedding, as their gift, as  away of attempting to thank them for all they’ve done over the past (then) 27 years.

Unfortunately, with all the craziness of wedding planning, it didn’t get done in time for the wedding, and had intentions to finish it for my mom’s birthday in November, then for Christmas, but it finally got done just before Mother’s Day.  We could only get one copy for my parents, but do plan to get a copy for me as well.  It’s a pretty complete book of my life and my parents love it!


2 thoughts on “#81: Complete my Favello photo book

    • katiejulius says:

      I’m drawing a total blank on where we got this book…I want to say WinkFlash. We did our wedding album (well, the photo book version while we save for a super nice one) through a place called VioVio because of their prices (and I was impressed with the quality too). However, I had started designing the book before I found VioVio, and it was a different size than they support, so we went with this other place because they were having a “flat rate” book sale – books up to 100 pages were the same as those with only 20 pages – no per page fees!

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