Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight

So, as the title suggests, I’m on a mission.  A serious one this time.  I’m tired of looking in the mirror and being unsatisfied with what I see.  But it’s more than that.  Diabetes runs in my family.  My grandmother died from complications of the disease.  My mom has it (but is managing it).  I’m already at a higher risk and my weight doesn’t help my chances.  Plus, I’ve heard that when you’re healthy, you don’t feel as tired and you have more energy (got to have that for our future kids!).

So, I’m putting out there…public.  So you can all keep me accountable.  Yes, I am struggling with the fact that I’m actually going to put not so attractive photos of myself along with some very personal numbers for the whole world to see.  I’m hoping it gives me a little more motivation to actually follow through with my plan this time and lose the weight!

Okay, lets get to it.  First, starting photo and stats:Weight: 194
Bust: 44
Waist: 47
Hips: 48
Size: 18/20
BMI: 34.4

Next up, my goal.  This one is tough because I have different ideas – what I should be at “medically” and what’s reasonable.  According to the BMI calculators, I should be between 107-141.  I’m definitely not going anywhere near that lower end.  I wasn’t even that through most of high school!  I think a reasonable goal for me is 135-140.  I have no idea what size that is in clothing, but I think it’s going to surpass my 101 in 1001 goal of fitting in a size 12.  But, who knows!

Okay, lastly is how I’m going to get there.  For starters, exercise.  Lots of it.  Monday through Friday, I am going to be getting up each morning before working and walking (eventually, jogging or running) for 1 hour.  Right now, I can go about 3 miles in an hour (including stretch time).  I’d like to get up to 6 miles an hour (10 minute miles) or maybe even 7 miles an hour (8.5 minute miles).  On the weekends, I’m going to walk 2 miles each day.  Just to keep up the habit, but giving my body a bit of a break.  Monday and Thursday will be lower-body muscle toning with either my Wii Fit (EA Active) or a workout DVD.  Tuesday and Friday will be upper body.

Then there’s the food issue.  I like to cook.  I like to eat.  It’s going to be tough to cut back on what I’m eating.  I think that’s my biggest issue is just plain eating too much.  For the most part, I would say I have been eating a lot healthier over the past 8 months, but I’m eating too much of it.  I’m going to start using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate for portion control.  No second helpings.  Period.  Of course, there’s the no fast food and no soda rule too!  I’m already not much of a sweets fan, so I don’t anticipate any problems there, but just to be on the safe side, a small dessert no more than twice a week.  Oh, and no alcohol.  This one shouldn’t be too hard.  I went for about 3 or 4 months earlier this year without and I didn’t really miss it.  The one thing I WILL be drinking more of is water – a minimum of 64 oz. per day.  I may go buy another 32 oz. water bottle so I can drink filtered water at work if I run out of one bottle.

So, I think that’s it.  I know it’s going to be challenging.  I hope I can see results (even small ones) fairly quickly so I don’t get too discouraged.  I may throw in some other exercise stuff as I go to mix it up, especially if I hit a plateau, but I think it should work.

I will see you all back here in one month for a check-in!


6 thoughts on “Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight

  1. Chantal says:

    I am so very proud of you! I’ve had a rough patch with work responsibilities and kid related stuff, but I’m jumping right back on the wagon with you!


  2. Erin says:

    Good for you! It will be tough, but it will be so worth it! Thanks for encouraging me the other day. I know you can do it! I’m always here for an encouraging word! (By the way, I dragged my bootie to the DVD player this morning and did day 4!) Good luck!

  3. Lindsay says:

    YAY! GO KATIE! Congrats girl! First off, you’re beautiful just the way you are, but you deserve to feel healthy! I’m so excited that I’m not doing this alone! Thank you so much for participating in the blog hop! ❤

  4. AmyLee says:

    welcome to the get-back-in-shape blog hop!! we are just getting it off the ground, but will hopefully grow over time & become a big group of supporters 🙂 it’s gonna be fun!

    • katiejulius says:

      Thanks for the welcome! I’m glad to have some support and encouragement! Even though I’m not losing baby weight…I’m losing to be healthy (for a hopefully-soon-pregnancy and beyond).

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