Walmart Grocery Shopping

I’m sure you’re thinking the exact same thing I was.  NO WAY does fresh groceries and Walmart belong in the same sentence.

But, I was pleasantly surprised that they 1) had pretty much everything of my grocery list (no orzo pasta) and 2) the quality was actually pretty good (minus the lettuces…that all looked a bit wilted).

One of the Walmart stores near us now has a full grocery store – produce section, deli, bakery, huge frozen food section, and pretty much every other type of section a “regular” grocery store has.

A few prices:  $0.20 per ear of corn, $0.35 avocados, $0.25 lemons, $0.33 per pound for bananas

The best part?  We spent $33 on groceries for this week (well, we did buy a bunch of fruit at Costco earlier in the day, as usual) – and almost $10 of it was for a bulk-size box of kitchen trash bags!

If you have a Walmart near you with a full grocery store inside, go once.  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll probably save a bunch of money!  It’s going to be my main grocery store from now on!


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