09.05.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m with Ashley on this one…it was a rough week and while I originally thought I would have no problem with this week’s list, I was scrambling to get a shot for some of these – and ended up pulling from my archives on a couple of them!

#1: RedThis was the first one I got last Sunday when we went to the beach.  It’s my favorite of the bunch.

#2: HomespaceThis is one I pulled from my archives – back in July, just after we put the ropes up after we had another earthquake.  I tried shooting our “homespace” this morning, but it’s a total disaster and NOT going on the Internet.  We are actually living in my sister’s garage right now while we save for a house, so it’s a tight fit!  We constantly remind ourselves that it will be worth it when we have a house of our own.

#3: FenceThis is another one I pulled from my archives (April).  I had driven down to meet John and his dad for Happy Hour in Long Beach and they had a lot of the stuff set-up for the Long Beach Grand Prix, including this fence.

#4: RocksI got this shot at church yesterday.  Part of the service was writing on these rocks and then throwing them into the “depths of the ocean” (represented by a fountain).  We each picked on up on our way into the service.

#5: SharpThis is the paper-cutter in the work room at work.  I’m not sure this particular one is all that sharp, but I always remember hearing how sharp these things can be!

So, that’s it!  Hopefully next week will be better!  For more check out:


10 thoughts on “09.05.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    • katiejulius says:

      Thanks so much for the honor! I’m looking forward to the rest of your challenges! I guess I better get around to making a blog button so you can use it if I place in any future contests (it’s been on my “to-do” list for a couple weeks now!).

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