Photo Challenges

Between the holidays and my new work out routine (which I’ve altered a bit since blogging about it last weekend), I’m a bit behind on posting my photo challenges.  Rather than bog you down with several different posts, I’m just going to include them all in one!

So, to start, Raw(E) over at Sailor & Company.  This week’s theme is “Back to School.”  Since I don’t have any kids yet, there are no super cute back to school photos of them, so you’ll have to settle for some busses instead.  I actually shot this photo three years ago at the school I was going to be teaching at that year.  It’s a private school, but they have a bus program and these busses are all lined up in their parking lot, ready for school to begin.

Next up is the Simplicity Photo Challenge, with a theme of “Snapshot,” meaning a snapshot into your everyday life.  I was a bit stuck on this one, but then I was found this great picture of my husband, John during our weekend picnic.  He may not like me for putting this out there, but oh well, I like the shot!  The story behind it is that I like to cook and he loves my cooking, which is why he’s licking his fingers!

Chelsea over at In a Yellow House is back from her Europe vacation (she’s been sharing some photos with everyone – looks like they had an amazing time!), and so is her In a Yellow House Photo Challenge.  She spent a lot of time on her vacation on or near the water, so it’s fitting that the theme this week is “On the Water.”  The only time I’ve been on or near the water recently was the last weekend in August when we went to the beach with my in-laws.  I love the beach, but I’m not a fan of going in the water at the beach, so I shot photos of the boys playing in the water, including my favorite of my brother-in-law.

And last for today is Black and White Wednesday.  At our picnic on Sunday (more photos coming soon, promise!), I saw this woman walking on the path and loved the lighting from the setting sun.  My only wish was that I had an EVEN longer zoom lens so I could get closer, but I’m still happy with this one.

the long road


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenges

  1. Susan says:

    Your black and white of the woman walking….I love it. Such an airy and clean feeling comes through. Very nice. Body surfing in the water…that’s always fun. You’ll have to try it next time.

  2. Yellow House says:

    Your photo of the body surfing makes me miss summer! Thanks for linking up! You have some great shots here – love the school buses!

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