NFL Kickoff Day

For those of you in the US, I must take a moment to recognize one of the most important “non-holidays” of the year – NLF Kickoff Day. (The Vikings play the Saints (last year’s champs) in New Orleans, if you were curious and didn’t know.)

For some of you, particularly women, today may be a day of mourning.  It means you will have an MIA spouse every Sunday, Monday night, and occasionally Thursday nights as he plants himself in front of the largest TV known to man to watch a game that is so much more than “just a game” to him.  The outcome affects his mood and attitude for several hours, and sometimes, even several days.

Unfortunately, I cannot sympathize with you as I enjoy watching football as much as my husband does.  Granted, neither of us are die-hard fans that will watch hours and hours of games and the ensuing analysis by those who can no longer play the game, and now spend their time commenting on it.  We turn on the TV on Sundays, but are often multi-tasking during the games, unless it’s an Eagles game…that’s the only exception…blame that on my Philadelphian husband.  We occasionally follow games from our phones if we’re not home, but we don’t check the scores every 10 seconds or DVR any of the games.

However, we are both super excited for the start of Football season!  I used to not be a fan of the fall…it meant the start of school again and the warm weather would soon be leaving too.  Then, I became a football fan.  Fall is growing on me now.  I think this is the first fall that I’m actually looking forward to!  Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have something to celebrate every month – our anniversary in October (our first this year!), Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December.  Maybe it’s because of football.

Super Bowl 2009: I was rooting for the Cardinals. John wasn’t – they beat the Eagles two weeks earlier.

(Wow, this was a “long” time ago – we weren’t even engaged yet!)


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