09.12.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yes, it’s no longer Sunday, but I got all the shots this week, so I’m still posting, even though I’m a day late (hey, a little leniency is good every once in a while, especially when I only had a one-day weekend…man are those tough!).

#1: LandscapeI shot this at the park at our day-before-Labor Day picnic dinner.

#2: Power Line

#3: NewspaperThis is one from the archives, but not too distant – July of this year.  It’s actually part of the backdrop we made for our 10-year class reunion back in late July.  We  photocopied the front page of each of the newspapers from our high school career (yes, one of our classmates had all but one or two!).

#4: PoseI know Kari isn’t going to like this photo of her, but I think it’s such a cute shot with the tongue.  Last week we had a staff “chapel” that involved playing a game of wiffle-ball baseball.  I captured Kari in a batter’s pose.

#5: HobbyI’m not sure if martial arts is considered  a hobby, but I’m declaring it so because I just want to share this photo. While I wish I had a more shallow depth of field, I love that I was able to capture the movement of these two guys and the position in the one guy is in (kicking above the other guy’s head!).

To check out more scavenger hunt finds, head on over!


3 thoughts on “09.12.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. Ashley says:

    These are all great Katie – I love your landscape shot and I really love the motion of your hobby shot. Nice work…and I’ve realized that everyone needs an opportunity to catch their breath – thus the reason I’m now leaving the linky open until later TONIGHT. So what if it’s not technically Sunday. Have a great week.

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