09.19.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I actually got most of these shots early this week, but I have been away from the internet and my computer since Thursday night because John and I went camping this weekend (finally!).  We had a lot of fun, but are glad to be home – and clean!

So, here are my shots for this week…

#1: Wish/DreamJohn’s friend from high school and his wife and 15-month old daughter, Kasey, also came camping with us. Without getting too much into it (I’ll save that for another post), having a child of my own is probably my biggest wish/dream right now!

#2: CleanI love Clorox wipes.  You can use them for almost anything!

#3: Currency

#4: PairYes, these are new running shoes…again. Those $12 Walmart ones were too good to be true. The heel on the left side lost pretty much all of the support, so I felt like I was running with a limp – definitely not good! I got these New Balance shoes at Kohls – on sale and with a 30% off coupon my sister had.  Can’t beat $60 for $30!  I love them, too.  So comfortable and supportive!

#5: SquareOur fruit for our camping trip is all ready to go – in their square Tupperware containers.

That’s it!  See you again next Sunday!


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