#24: Go camping at 5 different camp sites

We finally went camping!  We’ve been talking about going for pretty much the entire two years we’ve known each other and finally made it out to O’Neill Regional Park for a weekend camping trip.  The weather was perfect and it actually got pretty cold at night!  I don’t remember sleeping bags being such a tight fit, so I think we’ll be bringing regular sheets and blankets for our air mattress next time…and we need to find a better pump.  Ours died before the mattress was even close to full!  John was a little light-headed the first night!

We went on a hike before leaving on Sunday.  We thought the 5.3 mile length was round-trip.  We realized it was just one way, so we hiked out to the 2-mile marker and then turned around and walked back.

I actually had a really great time camping and am looking forward to going again soon.  Since we live in Southern California, we can go almost year-round without worrying about extreme temperatures.  We’re going to try to plan our next trip for November or early December.

Some of these photos are my entries into The Punk Rock Mom’s Photo Challenge “Story Time.” Check out other stories by clicking on the image below.

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