Original title, huh?

Well, it fits!

Even though my plan was to update on my “Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight” at the beginning of every month, I have a lot to share today.

I did well this week.  Hiked 4 miles on Sunday, and ran Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’m supposed to run Thursday, too, but my leg muscles just can’t handle that yet.  My breathing and will power want to run longer and more often, but my legs very adamantly object.  I hope I can get them into shape soon!

However, I definitely feel it getting easier and easier to run in the mornings.  I have more energy during the running portions of my morning workouts and hope to be running the full three miles in just a couple of weeks (I might be a bit ambitious here, but we’ll see!).  My mile time today was 12:31!  I wanted to get to 12:00 by Thanksgiving (average for a 3-mile run), so I think I’ll be making that goal.

I also discovered I can push myself a little more than I have been.  My lungs, heart and muscles are getting used to the exercise and I don’t have to be quite as slow when I run/jog.  Obviously, I have to be careful to not push too hard and get injured.

I’ve changed my eating habits a bit too…I’m cutting down a lot on carbs, not eating after 8:00, and really watching my portions.  I didn’t do so great at that at the beginning, but the last few days, I’ve done really well with it and I’m surprisingly not that hungry!

And the results of all this?  I finally broke the 190-lb. mark this morning with an official weight of 189!  That’s 6 pounds off!  I am really starting to feel the difference.  I still have a long way to go, but I feel my clothes fitting better and I noticed this morning that my wedding ring is moving around a lot (not to the point of falling off or anything, but it is looser).

Check back in a week for my official Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight update with stats and a photo!

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