09.26.10 Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it this week.  But, I dug through my archives to find a photo or two to share, so here it goes!

#1: Miniature I captured this little guy during our hike last Sunday. He was pretty “miniature” – only a few inches long.

#2: Water DropletI didn’t think I would be able to make this shot happen.  Then, it was rainy/misty on Tuesday morning (you’d never believe it with the 90+ degree weather we’re currently experiencing).  These plants outside of the room where we have Bible Study were just covered in water droplets, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting!

#3: BedheadThis is SO not a flattering picture, but it’s totally a great shot for “bedhead.”  John (my husband) took it Christmas morning last year (our first Christmas as a married couple) just after we got out of bed to open gifts at home before heading off to see family.

#4: ColorfulHere’s another one from our camping trip last weekend.  Even though it was the end of summer and most everything was brown and dry, I found these bright, colorful red  plants mixed with the green.

#5: EyesI’ve shared this shot before, but it was a wider view.  I cropped it in close to focus on the eyes.  I never noticed it until zooming in closer, but there’s a reflection of the windows in the eye in the light.

So, that’s it!  See you again next Sunday for another Sunday Scavenger Hunt!


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