D is for…

It’s time for another installment of the alphabet photo challenge.  This week we are exploring the letter “D.”

D is for DAD (Father’s Day 2010)

D is for DIRTY (September 18, 2010)This is what happens to your feet when you wear flip-flops while camping.  I washed my feet shortly after taking this photo.

D is for DOG (September 18, 2010)This is Luke.  He belongs to our  friends’ parents.  He is such a sweet dog that enjoyed our camping trip with us.

D is for DROP (September 21, 2010)It actually rained/drizzled here in Southern California on Tuesday.  I caught this shot of one of the statues on campus at work.

D is for DRY (September 19, 2010)It’s that time of year – when the mountains are bone dry and it’s fire season.  This was the dusty path we hiked last Sunday while camping.

See you next week for the letter “E!”


Posted on September 26, 2010, in Photo Challenges, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. These are all great – you are on top of your photo challenges today!

  2. Wow it is dry there and you captured it well.

  3. Wonderful and creative “D”‘s!! You did good! 🙂

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