D is for…

It’s time for another installment of the alphabet photo challenge.  This week we are exploring the letter “D.”

D is for DAD (Father’s Day 2010)

D is for DIRTY (September 18, 2010)This is what happens to your feet when you wear flip-flops while camping.  I washed my feet shortly after taking this photo.

D is for DOG (September 18, 2010)This is Luke.  He belongs to our  friends’ parents.  He is such a sweet dog that enjoyed our camping trip with us.

D is for DROP (September 21, 2010)It actually rained/drizzled here in Southern California on Tuesday.  I caught this shot of one of the statues on campus at work.

D is for DRY (September 19, 2010)It’s that time of year – when the mountains are bone dry and it’s fire season.  This was the dusty path we hiked last Sunday while camping.

See you next week for the letter “E!”


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