09.27.10 Photo Challenges

I’ve got some new photo challenges I’m participating in today.  One’s actually from last week, but it’s still open and I have a GREAT shot for it.

So, here we go…

First, the usual Monday Raw(E).  This week’s theme is Girly.  I’m not really that girly (though I’ve gotten a lot more girly since high school and college).  However, a high school friend and teammate of mine has a very girly daughter (she’ll play sports though, don’t worry!).  I got this shot at her third birthday party last December.  She’s just adorable!

Next up is Happy Monday over at My Life Mixed with Photographs. I missed the debut week, but this week was water droplets and thanks the to the rain we had last week, I got this awesome shot of the water droplets on some plants at work.

Ashley Jean

The last photo challenge for today is the Aspire Photo Challenge.  The theme is “Black & White Portraits.”  I don’t really consider myself much of a portrait photographer.  I like shooting pretty much anything non-human.  However, we’re working on a “meet our staff” page for the website at work, so I took some photos of our staff to use.  I’m still working on editing them, but I love this shot of Whitney, so I thought it would be the perfect fit for this challenge!
Aspire Photo Challenge

Lastly, I’d like to invite you to head on over to the August 2010 Photo Hunt Challenge and vote for your favorite photos.  My photos were selected in the top 20 in several categories (I won’t tell you which ones they are – just vote for your favorites!)


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